Cities of Helsinki and Stockholm pitch to the EIT Urban Mobility Northern Accelerator Batch#2 startups!

Cities of Helsinki and Stockholm, collaborative cities of the EIT Urban Mobility Northern Accelerator, presented their goals, needs and requirements  as well as them being a platform for mobility development and testing to the Batch#2 startups.


Camila Wikström, from City Of Stockholm highlighted that Stockholm’s goal is to be an accessible and functioning city – ​24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ​ a modern metropolitan city with possibilities and options for everyone​.

The 3 priority areas for external innovation cooperation​ are:

Climate-positive urban expansion

Smart ecosystems for communication and transport​

Location-independent care and nursing​

Juho Kostiainen from the Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab presented the City of Helsinki as the  most functional City in the world.

He said : “The entire city is developed as a test platform for new innovations and solutions as Helsinki is big enough for the development and testing of systematically impactful innovations but small enough to make it possible in practice.”

It was highlighted that the city cannot solve the big challenges on its own, but instead it needs strategic partnerships with everyone who is interested in developing Helsinki.

The City’s ambitious goal is to reduce traffic emissions by 69% from the 2005 level by 2035. (Finland’s national goal is 50%.)

The 5 startups of the the EIT Northern Accelerator will grab the opportunity to work closely with the Cities or Helsinki and Stockholm and contribute to their problem solving through their innovations.