Arctic15 was a hotspot for meetings

Aalto Startup Center presented its new Business Generator model and showcased startups in the Arctic15 event in the end of May. Some great matches were made!

Almost 2000 startup people gathered in Helsinki in the end of May, 2018 in Arctic15. The crowd consisted of entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, service provides and media representatives – and even two alpacas were there! The current customer companies looking for contacts were Chainfrog, Cloud Asset, Cuppla, Forethink,Inforglobe, Klickeys, LAC Camera Systems, Sellforte and Yanisan Air (Arctic Air).

Stand at Arctic15. Photo: Titus Poutanen

Aalto Startup Center alumni companies were also visibly present at the event. Eye Caramba, startup behind Black Eye Lens, was chosen as one of the three finalists of Arctic Funding program.

Startups in Arctic15. Photo Titus Poutanen

Veera Lehmonen from Cuckoo Workout, Mika Karilahti from Medigoo and Jouni Knuuttila from LAC Camera systems at our stand.

Team at Arctic15

Aalto Startup Center team has been reinforced with several specialists during this year. Our funding expert Tapio Siik also shared some of his tips for startups loooking for their first round of funding.

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