Agate Sensors winner of the 2024 Arm Flexible Access for Startups Contest

Congratulations to this research to business project from Aalto University and Aalto Startup Center for this amazing recognition. Agate Sensors aim to make spectral data available and accessible across a variety of technology markets.

AGATE Sensors - Aalto Startup Center

The judges chose Agate Sensors as the winner for its spectral imaging technology that captures and uses full-spectrum images, providing insights and information beyond what is visible to the human eye.

They will be awarded up to $250K of Arm technology credit to build next-gen SoC solutions as part of our efforts to spark fresh innovation from early-stage silicon startups using our processor IP designs.

At Arm, their goal is to recognize that the future of technology is shaped by bold ideas and passionate innovators. The expanded Arm Flexible Access for Startups Contest for 2024 from Arm and Silicon Catalyst allows them to spark fresh innovation among early-stage silicon startups who use Arm’s processor IP designs to build the next generation of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.

This is what Mikael Westerlund, CEO, Entrepreneur and Business Development Executive for Agate Sensors, had to say:

“The inspiration for Agate Sensors stems from a desire to make spectral imaging technology accessible to all by miniaturizing what was once a suitcase-sized lab equipment into tiny pixel-sized technology. It’s amazing to think that this technology has been a decade in the making. The outcome of our efforts is not just in capturing better quality data, but in the better decisions and advancements the technology enables.”

The technology is already having a far-reaching impact, with Agate Sensors’ work in advancing spectral data applications paving the way for new possibilities for leading-edge Arm-based technologies across various sectors, including consumer technology, industrial IoT, and automotive.

“Our technology offers benefits when deployed in a number of key markets, from smart wearables that offer granular health monitoring, drones that help improve agricultural efficiency, and even in autonomous vehicles where safety is paramount,” Mikael added. “Through making the technology simple, we are providing far more capabilities for everyone!”

Once again, congratulations Agate Sensors for this amazing achievement!