Aalto Startup Center is taking part in the Nordic Deep Tech Business Summit!


We are going to Nordic Deep Tech Business Summit, on 11th – 12th October at Dipoli, Otaniemi, an event that connects deep tech startups, research to business teams, research centers, and universities with investors, corporate partners, entrepreneurs, and business developers to create business opportunities.

Special Session: Tuesday, 11th October, 13.00-14.00, open discussion until 15.00

From Ideas to Impact ® -Aalto Startup Center puts its own and partner programs on the spotlight.

We are the homebase ofUrban Tech HelsinkiESA BIC FinlandAalto Digital CreativesResearch 2 Business cases from Aalto University Innovation Services in addition to our very own Pre-Business Incubator program & Business Generator program.

Selected Research to Business cases from Aalto University and startups from Urban Tech Helsinki and own Business Generator program will be pitching their ideas.

Vensum Power – Aalto Startup Center
mTMS – Research to Business
hentoTouch – Research to Business
Soihtu DTx (Meliora) – Research to  Business
Vacuum.Wood.Tech (Vacuum Insulation Solutions) – Urban Tech Helsinki
Detectium – Urban Tech Helsinki

Also get to know Aalto Ventures Program which helps the Aalto community in creating a sustainable future through entrepreneurship by solving problems related to Sustainable Development Goals. AVP offers entrepreneurship education, extracurricular activities, various events and pre-incubation.  

All startups, investors, mentors and innovation enthusiasts are welcome!

Come and check out our cases, interact and discover their innovations!
Welcome to our booth and save into your calendars our session at Dipoli on October 11th at 13.00-14.00 followed by open discussion until 15.00.

You can meet them at our booth on:





NP Harvest Research to Business

HentoTouchResearch to Business

mTMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) – Research to Business

Dry & Durable – Research to Business

ImmunateResearch to Business

Vacuum.Wood.Tech (Vacuum Insulation Solutions) Urban Tech Helsinki

Detectium (DT4Safety) – Urban Tech Helsinki

Vensum PowerAalto Startup Center

RoboWATT (Parkzia) – Research to Business



Soihtu Dtx (Meliora ) – Research to Business

MilliScan Research to Business

AldelResearch to Business

Design.AI – Research to Business

VitalSignsAalto Startup Center

HyOnGlobeResearch to Business

UCT-DCResearch to Business



Solution cases

  1. NPHarvest offers an alternative low energy, low cost approach to recover both Nitrogen and Phosphorus from the wastewater streams. With our method wastewater management will become easier while producing organic and sustainable fertilizers from the waste streams, creating extra value!
  2. HentoTouch offers a specific and selective activation of C-tactile neural fibers on the skin surface, which modulates the neural mechanisms responsible for alcohol craving.
  3. mTMS solutions combines advanced neuroimaging and multi-channel magnetic stimulation technology to deliver automated, accurate, safe, and efficient treatments for neurological disorders.
  4. Dry and Durable patented Dry and Durable microstructuring technology protects sensitive water repellent coatings. It provides unforeseen resistance to mechanical abrasion. Self-cleaning materials provide solutions for managing wear and reduce maintentance downtime.
  5. Immunate offers a wide adoptability of 3D disease models which can improve clinical trials’ success rate and reduce cancer drug development costs. We are also improving the design of 3D disease models to increase access of novel drugs to patients and create personalized cancer diagnostics.
  6. Soihtu DTx delivers our digital intervention directly to the patient’s mobile device. Our digital intervention solution combines neuroscience research and video game mechanics in a cognitive training based video game.
  7. MilliScan is leading the way to revolutionize the inspection of food, packaging, mail and people screening by developing a new imaging solution without harmful radiation. Our solution is compact, light weight, and maintenance free. We are operating at license-free wavelengths.
  8. UCT-DC is industrial experience, invention and cutting edge research on graphene, nanotechnology, and silicon photonics. UCT-DC is the first ultra-compact optical transceiver on a very small silicon chip.
  9. Aldel developed a device – erbium laser – with a single and straightforward process, which is low-temperature with a smaller device cross-section, and no external cooling required.
  10. Design.AI combines several design features into one powerful and easy-touse plugin for Figma. It automatically evaluates your designs using state-of-the-art AI/ML techniques, recommends improvements to meet your design goals, and allows designers to apply recommendations to the designs with a single click.
  11. VitalSigns has developed a device that analyses a broad range of bodily functions and offers the doctor a probable diagnosis, as well as suggestions for appropriate further examinations.
  12. Vensum has developed the technology in SDPC reduces switching losses to the minimum via patent pending softswitching methods. It also implements a true multiport configuration in which the same modular architecture adapts to any topology or application or any power level.
  13. HyOnGlobe holds ten global patents on a manufacturing technology that combines metals and composites, offering an unprecedented power-toweight ratio for mobile, carbon-free applications.
  14. RoboWATT brings high-efficiency wireless charging with cloud monitoring features.The solution can easily be retrofitted to existing e-movers.
  15. Vacuum Wood Tech offers a sustainable and profitable vertical farming could be in reach. With the right construction technology and smart energy solutions, wooden building elements can thrive in extreme humidity. With this approach, large, modular vertical farms made of wood could find their way around the world — and keep it fed.
  16. Detectium combines real-time 3D visualization with advanced sensors and data analytics to create a digital twin solution for companies, which enables them to detect the fire much earlier than the current solution while also allowing them to use the historical fire data to mitigate the risk of fire.

For more information, contact Milla Kalliokoski,
Head of Marketing and Communications at Aalto Startup Center.