Aalto Startup Center at Slush

Slush is next week! Aalto Startup Center along with Innovations Services is proud to be part of it. This year, we are highlighting some of our startups from both our business generator program and our Aalto-based research cases.

Here at Aalto University, we have amazing startups from all stages of business development. From ideas to research, from research to startups- we want to highlight them all at Slush. There’s great reseach that are being spun out from the university and that is why we are showcasing 5 of those cases.

Aalto Startup Center will have 5 of their most promising companies at our booth and Innovation Services will have 5 cases. Our booth number is 6B.30, make sure you come and visit.

Here is a preview of the teams that you will find at the Aalto Startup Center & Innovation Services booth.

Aalto Startup Center companies

Spin-off from President Martti Ahtisaari’s Crisis Management Initiative, Inforglobe offers participatory decision making software that helps clients in handling complex issues related to strategy and risk management

Netradar is a provider of mobile analytics platform. Their solution optimizes access to essential data for marketing, technical, sales and customer support for mobile operator and app developers.

Silmu is perfect for those hectic moments when a private space is needed for a moment of retreat and relaxation. Silmu helps you to improve your focus on a specific task and when needed it allows you to enjoy a total mildfulness experience in quietness or with the vibes of your favorite music. Silmu is approachable, inviting and with look & feel that is inline with superb acoustic characteriscs, both is and outside.


Please join us Standout Balance Competition at booth. The best win the board! Standout Balance is a smart balance board with apps for both professional and consumers. Balance is fundamental skill, especially in sports. Standout Balance combines high technology recent knowledge on how to improve performance and avoid injuries.

Teraloop is a grid-scale energy storage system that can provide a future alternative to batteries. This renewable green energy storage balances energy supply and demand.

Aalto Innovation Services Cases

Artificial intelligence- assisted software development

Their technology can turn used textiles, pulp or recycled paper in new textile fibers without harmful chemicals.


Maculaser develops novel medical technology for treatment of a common eye disease, age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
The innovation allows clinicians to perform previously infeasible laser therapy and help millions of people to retain their vision.

Novel solar cell structure integrated directly on glass


XFold Imaging
Their technology called Surface Enhanced Biomedical Imaging is able to create a nano-substrate added to the glass slide used in microscopy that 100 folds biomedical imaging without requirements to upgrade or modernize existing fleet of equipment.


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