Aalto Startup Center launches a new incubation program to support Research to Business cases (R2B)

Together with the Aalto University Innovation Services, Aalto Startup Center has formed up a new incubation program targeting Research to Business cases.

As a tool Aalto Startup Center utilises its Business Generator model. The R2B Pre-Business Generator Incubation includes common training events that are open to all, including our Aalto Startup Center client companies.

We kicked off this series of events this Wednesday 9th September presenting:
-Intro: What is R2B pre-business generator, Joel Takala (Startup Center)
-Learn to become an entrepreneur, Ilja Riekki (Aalto Ventures Program)
-Personal growth story: From researcher to entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder Visa Sippola (Surgify Medical)
-Lessons learned: Entrepreneurial mindset and required skills, CEO and Co-Founder Jussi Gillberg (Yield Systems)

Three more events are scheduled for November 4th 2020, February 3rd 2021 and 7th April 2021. More details to follow.

In addition, there are private face-to-face support sessions for each of the R2B case during the project time.  In these sessions Startup Center utilises the Royal Institute of Technology’s (KTH) innovation readiness level model. KTH’s tool has six different TRL levels and it helps to structure and measure the innovation development such as customer and funding development. Aalto has licensed the model from KTH.

The overall goal of the R2B Pre-Business Generator is to strengthen the cases’ business development. One key element is to raise up the TRL levels during the project time in order for cases to be more complete to form up a startup company and to be more ready for the market entry.