Aalto Digital Creatives’ current batch is approching the final stretch of the project

As a pre-incubator program that supports students, researchers, and practitioners in creative industries, Aalto Digital Creatives provides creative-minded people with the tools and knowledge to employ themselves through their ideas.

Aalto Digital Creatives, training - Aalto Startup Center

Aalto Digital Creatives program has its 5th batch of 14 eager teams underway. Throughout a three-month period, the program provides the participants with different lectures, workshops, and events in which they can learn and reinforce their knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.

The current patch consists of teams and individuals who strive to establish their own company around the idea they had when enrolling in the program. The ideas range from a podcast to different digital platforms, and from new ways to experience art to different devices meant to improve artists’ experience and ways to make art.

With only a few weeks to go in the program, the teams have focused on improving their pitching and protecting their intellectual property. Pitching is slang for presenting your idea to potential stakeholders in a way that gets them interested and hopefully loosens their wallets. And securing your intellectual property is evident for anyone working in the creative field.

At the start of May, the program will have a workshop with Mike Bradshaw on how to polish their pitches. During this event, we will also have a competition with a ticket to the Arctic15 startup event as the price. The team with the best pitch will have the opportunity to attend Arctic15 to meet potential investors and maybe even find a co-founder for their project. Let’s wish them luck!

The Aalto Digital Creatives pre-incubator program is supported by the City of Helsinki and it is a part of the Helsinki-based higher education institutions’ Campus Incubators program.

Aalto Digital Creatives is coordinated by Aalto Startup Center and Aalto Studios.