IQS Tech Fest 2020: Aalto Startup Center Discusses the Successful Finnish Startup Ecosystem

IQS Tech Fest 2020, Barcelona, 23 January.  Aalto Startup Center discusses the successful Finnish startup ecosystem

Finland is presented as a model country for startup companies. Marika Paakkala of Aalto Startup Center together with Alfonso Gutierrez from Espoo Innovation Garden and Marko Parkkinen of Seedi Solutions Agency are participating at the panel discussion about Finland’s miracle and how Finland became a startup and innovation hub.

The goal of the session is to present how the Finnish ecosystem supports startup entrepreneurs and encourages the birth and growth of new science-based entrepreneurship.

Finland offers an open and easy business environment with networked and creative entrepreneurs supportive of each other. Key players in this ecosystem include the already world-class event Slush, Aalto University and Helsinki University, startup hubs like AGrid and Maria01, as well as a matured class of scaleups. In this fair, the Finnish startup Woodly is presented having recently gained widespread international attention for producing bioplastic from softwood-based pulp.

“We are looking forward to sharing our experience on startups but also we want to exchange ideas and learn from the wide science-based community of the IQS Tech Fest. The network is very valuable and we welcome potential collaborations that will benefit our startups”, Paakkala said.

More information for the IQS Tech Fest 2020 here.

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