10 questions for Timo Rossi, one of our new Business Advisors at Aalto Startup Center 

We had a chance to reach out to our other recent Business Advisor recruit here at Aalto Startup Center, Timo Ross, to ask him 10 questions. He talks about his vast expertise, his interests in wolves, and tells us what kind of Advisor he will be to our startups.

Timo Rossi

Welcome to Aalto Startup Center, Timo! 

Q1. How would you describe your experience at Aalto Startup Center so far?

It’s been great! I think I’ve touched the ground running at Aalto Startup Center and I have already met with many startups to discuss funding issues. I very much hope to see the end to the pandemic so we can go back to meet startups face-to-face.

Q2. As an advisor, what are you looking forward to accomplish with our startups?

I hope I can prepare startups to build the necessary knowledge and tools needed for them to work with investors down the road.

Q3. Which deep-tech sectors are you personally excited about?

I am very interested in agri-tech and prop-tech.

Q4. And what about you, could you briefly introduce yourself and your new role? 

I’ve worked over 20 years in investment management and equity research working as a portfolio and hedge fund manager, Head of Quantitative Research & Strategies for venture capital, private equity and global equities in institutional asset management companies, private banks and UHNW family offices in Luxembourg, Russia, USA and Finland. My job at Aalto Startup Center is to help startups in any any matters related to finance and funding issues. I have a M.Sc. (Economics) from Turku University and MBA (Finance) from Wright State University in USA.

Q5. Is there anything else you would you like to share about yourself? 

I am an outdoors enthusiast and I volunteer in wolf research. I pretty much spend all my free time in the woods. Hence, I am passionate about sustainability. I have worked with ESG and impact investing for over 20 years.

Q6. Have you any words of wisdom for those hoping to scale their business? 

Learn to listen and accept mistakes.

Q7. What inspires you in your work?

Ability to learn new things every day and meet inspiring people.

Q8. How might you describe your personality?

I am a social introvert. I enjoy working with people with different backgrounds.

Q9. How are you spending your weekends?

I camp out in the woods year around as much as possible. I am volunteering in wolf research and track them for research in my area.

Q10. How should our startups reach out to you?

I have a room in 1st floor in A-Grid and startups are always welcome to pop in and discuss any concerns they might have. I am also reachable 24/7 via phone, +358 50 4732250, and email, timo.rossi(at) .

Thank you Timo for that chat! It’s been a pleasure to welcome you to the team and I’m sure our startups are excited to work with you.