Our current portfolio of startups.

Arctic Farming

Founded by experts in the space and product development industries, Arctic Farming is on a mission to change how food is produced on planet Earth, and beyond. They have developed a fully automatic, plug-and-play farming module that enables their customers in the HoReCa industry to grow their own fresh produce on location, regardless of the season.

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Ilu Space

iLu Space uses advanced machine learning, AI and satellite data to reduce the impact of climate change. Geospatial data intelligence, for business workflows. From travel to economics and real estate to the environment, use our geospatial datasets in any way you can imagine: smart cities, agricultural prediction, infrastructure monitoring, renewable energy, natural disasters, and urban green.

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Ninjalabo is a startup aiming to democratize AI accessibility. All AI is running on big cloud GPUs, which are not accessible in some harsh environments. They are bringing AI to the very edge without Cloud dependency, "Cloudless AI".

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Winse Power

Winse Power offers turnkey solutions for innovative light-based energy systems. Their expertise are in power by light, space, and novel photovoltaics applications. Winse acts as a problem solver. With them you just need to worry about what are your requirements, they will handle the rest.

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