Business Developer

At Aalto University, we have numerous commercialization cases that need a business developer in their team. These are Research to Business cases from Business Finland (formally Tutli) who have funding and are looking to commercialize their invention or innovation from Aalto.

What does it mean to become a Business Developer?

A Business Developer is someone who is experienced in a certain field related to the Research to the Business case. They work alongside the team of researchers, academics, and professors to find the best commercialization aspect to the innovation or invention.

Aalto Innovation Services Commercialization Principles

Aalto University aims at maximizing the impact of new knowledge created by the university activities while protecting inventors’ rights in the commercialization process. Innovation Services advises teams (project) on how to protect the innovation and develop it towards commercialization.

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How to become a Business Developer?

One more possible way to apply is by keeping an eye out for open positions at Aalto University. The university also announces the open positions for Business Developers at the website: Open Positions.

To learn more from some of the existing research to business cases, read here.

Some of the positions are also announced at the Boardio service.

For more information, please contact Joel Takala.

+358 50 5189915