Seeds of Bravery Opens Second Wave of €20 Million EU Funding European Startups with Ukrainian leaders.

The pan-European consortium, Seeds of Bravery, has announced the second wave of its funding initiative aimed at empowering Ukrainian tech startups.

This initiative, backed by a €20 million grant agreement with the European Innovation Council (EIC) signed in May 2023, is dedicated to supporting the Ukrainian Tech Ecosystem.

Over the past year, the initiative has successfully funded 14 startups through the Business Consultancy Support Program. These startups are bringing innovation to Ukraine in areas such as:

  • Interactive AI in education
  • Portable & high efficiency filtration water
  • SaaS platform on blockchain
  • Hubs providing carbon-negative buildings

These initial beneficiaries have already begun to make significant strides in developing their products and ideas, thanks to the grants they received.

Seeds of Bravery - Aalt Startup Center

With the second wave now open, Seeds of Bravery is actively inviting new participants to apply for grants of up to €50,000. While the program primarily supports Ukrainian startups, it is also open to European companies with Ukrainian co-founders. This presents an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs across Europe to leverage these funds and bring their visions to life.

What will the program Offer? Open until 25 June:

  1. Innovative Entrepreneurship: up to €25,000 to ensure business continuity and promote women-led companies.
  2. Deep Tech Incubators: up to €25,000 for early-stage startups engaged in pre MVP activities. The program will also provide access to an advanced technological community, a specialized Deep Tech Incubator and Market Fast Track.
  3. Rebuild Ukraine: up to €25,000 for tech SMEs that will rapidly reconstruct postwar Ukraine. In addition to grants, participants gain access to Digital and Deep Tech Boosters programs, Market Fast Track and Finance Booster, Deep Tech Accelerator, Funding Lab, as well as matchmaking services.
  4. Deep Tech Scale-up and Acceleration: up to €50,000 for companies aimed to scale their prototypes and expand market reach. Beneficiaries will also receive free access to coworking, prominent tech events, labs and programs (Market and Legal Lab, Deep Tech Accelerator, Finance Booster, Funding Lab, Digital and Deep Tech Booster, specialized training for women entrepreneurs).

Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review the criteria to ensure compliance.

The Seeds of Bravery team is eager to continue supporting innovative projects and further strengthening the Ukrainian tech ecosystem through this ongoing initiative.