Meet Labiba Abdul, Urban Tech Helsinki’s communication trainee

We are happy to introduce you to Labiba, who's been taking care of everything communication-related about Urban Tech Helsinki for the last few months. Check this 10-question interview to learn about her!

Labiba Abdul - Aalto Startup Center

1. Could you please give us a short introduction about yourself? (Name, position in ASUC, or current study status)

Hi, I’m Labiba! I’m currently working as a communications trainee for Urban Tech Helsinki here at Aalto Startup Center. As of now, I’m trying to champ through the last year of my master’s degree in economics.

2. Can you tell us a bit about your professional background? For example, what the Master’s study is about?

Before starting at Aalto Startup Center, I was a student ambassador for Aalto University; this involved creating content for the university’s social media channels and being the first point of contact for key stakeholders such as prospective students. My degree in economics is a nice change of pace as it is heavy in mathematics and coding, the perfect way to get my mind off of communications for the rest of the day!

3. Can you explain a bit about your role at Aalto Startup Center?

Well, communicating is one way to put it! My role encompasses the image of Urban Tech Helsinki on our platforms (mostly LinkedIn) and staying in close contact with our startups batches as well as the rest of Aalto Startup Center to ensure that our startups and Urban Tech Helsinki have the most gleaming image possible. However, my supervisor Kaisa has told me from the get-go that she encourages stepping outside of my comfort zone regarding different areas of work. Just recently, I had the honor of leading the interviews for the startups being considered for our sixth batch, which was new and fun!

4. So, what brought you to Aalto Startup Center originally?

It almost seemed too good to be true that I would be able to study under AND work for the same university; pretty nifty considering I live on campus! Otherwise, just familiarity and the know-how of the university and its ecosystem made Aalto Startup Center an easy choice.

5. After a few weeks of working here, do you enjoy the experience? Which part is your favorite so far?

I mean, what’s not to enjoy? Never have I ever had such welcoming colleagues who took me as their own right off the bat and gave me all the tools that I need to get comfortable in my work.

6. What’s your preferred work style?

Due to an awful sleep routine, remote days give me the chance to refuel my brain and work through my tasks at my own pace. However, despite starting my university studies during the pandemic, I easily fall victim to the merciless hands of procrastination. The only cure to this is finding a little corner in the office and getting all my work done in one go.

7. What’s a hot take that you have?

You know, many people meet me and think I’m fun and nice UNTIL I mention this opinion: milk before cereal. Will I get fired for writing this out? Only time will tell.

8. Do you have something to say to our startups?

I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to get our startups and their innovations out there, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel like there’s something you’d like to experiment with!

9. If you could switch jobs with anyone at Aalto Startup Center for a day, who would it be and why?

Definitely a business advisor. I feel like the amazing advisory team have the honor of working the closest with all the startups; to be able to get to know each startup team and curate a personal connection with them through consultations and workshops would be both dynamic and rewarding!

10. Tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise us.

I have rhythm like no other: Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, osu!; you name it, I’ll beat you in it. <3