Automous Oy secures a pre-seed investment round of 575,000€

This startup from Aalto University and Aalto Startup Center optimizes the electricity market participation in energy storage.

Automous - Aalto Startup Center

Automous Oy, a spin-off from Aalto University providing energy optimization SaaS, has successfully closed its pre-seed investment round. The total subscription price received is 575,000€

  • The participating investors are: Sontek Ventures; New Stars & Company; Korpun Siemen; Dahu; and Korppi Holding.

This is what Taneli Hölttä, CEO and Co-founder, had to say about the exciting news:

“We thank each investor for their regard of our offering, capabilities, and the business opportunity. This investment enables us to continue creating high value – now for our customers, shareholders, and the broader society, as a limited liability company. And we are happy to do just that, since the energy transition proceeds best via profitable, market-based solutions. Batteries, heat storages, hydrogen tanks…”

At Automous, they implement onsite renewables time shifting, energy arbitrage as well as electricity bill minimization services for day-ahead spot markets. Additionally, they implement revenue maximization in day-ahead reserve markets such as FFR and FCR. Any combination of these use cases and markets can be included simultaneously in the optimization.

They work together with battery system vendors and renewable electricity producers. The team has a multi-disciplinary background in applied AI, electricity markets, automation, distributed energy resources, and software engineering.

Hölttä continues:

“Now is a great time to take your energy resources’ productivity to the next level!”.

Congratulations Automous for this achievement, we wish you an excellent future!